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Monday, September 21, 2009

X-rays vs Ultrasound

X-rays, otherwise known as radiographs are often taken at veterinary hospitals to help diagnose problems. Historically, this was the first choice of diagnostics among all other imaging techniques. They help find chest problems, bone injuries, tumors or bladder stone detection.

The downside of radiography is safety concerns when dealing with radiation, inability to take a good picture and the difficulty in finding the problem.

Today, many practices own an ultrasound. Ultrasounds are safe, portable, and can give the vet an idea about body function, motion and flow. They are often the first choice when diagnosing heart problems, organ disease, or pregnancy. The difficulty is that to use an ultrasound takes a lot of practice and can lead to a misdiagnosis when handled by an inexperienced technician.

At times, it may not be clear as to what is going on. In this case, both imaging techniques may be required.

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