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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dog Knee Reconstructions or Cruciate Surgery

Unfortunately, many of us aware of the knee reconstruction surgery in dogs. In the veterinary world it is referred to as an ACL (Anterior Cruciate Ligament) surgery. Surgeries can get up to as much at $5000. So, it’s often best to prevent it from happening.

• Prevent obesity as this can lead to strained joints
• Provide regular exercise to strengthen the muscles around the knee
• Stick to exercise that does not require a lot of twisting action or sudden stopping
• Always warm up before strenuous exercise such as long hikes, running etc

• Large and giant breeds are at higher risk than small breeds.
• Young, active dogs are at higher risk
• Overweight dogs suffer higher levels of stress on their joints
• Dogs that are hit by cars, attacked by other dogs, or that suffer other forms of trauma may incur a cruciate ligament injury
• Dogs that have previously injured a cruciate ligament in one knee are at increased risk of injuring the ligament in the other knee at a later date.
• Dogs with relatively long legs are at increased risk of cruciate ligament injury.
• Dogs that are spayed or neutered at a very young age may be at relatively higher risk of cruciate ligament injury.

• Sudden, severe limping on one rear leg
• Dog bears no weight on the leg after injury.
• Dogs with partial cruciate ligament tears may experience milder or intermittent limping.
• Swelling of the knee may occur

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