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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Top 10 Ways Pets Break Bones

Veterinary Pet Insurance recently reviewed their database to find the Top 10 ways pets break bones.

1. Hit By Car
2. Jumping
3. Falling
4. Fight With Other Pet or Animal
5. Running and Slipped
6. Hit or Struck With Object
7. Caught in or Between Object
8. Running into Object
9. Stepped On
10. Injured in Car Accident

In 2008, VPI had over 5000 claims for fractures – 40% from car accidents!

This is an important reminder to:
• Keep our pets secure within the home as to not run onto the road or behind our car
• Always know where your pet is
• Keep the windows and doors closed at all times
• Keep pets off tables, tall beds, and high chairs where they can fall from

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