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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Important Tips for Kids and their Pets

Pets are an important part of life for over 60% of the US population and children can benefit immensely from the bond they form with their pets. Unfortunately, serious dog bites, cat scratches, and other pet-related diseases still occur in children predominantly 4-9 years of age.

Pets' Playground - Playing Safe In a Dog-and-Cat World, published by the American Animal Hospital Association, is an essential resource to help keep kids safe while benefiting from the human animal bond. The book can be viewed here.

Pets' Playground teaches children about:
· Pet behavior and feelings
· Pet toys and playtime
· Healthy meals and treats for pets
· Good pet care and responsibility
· Creepy crawlies that pets and kids need to avoid
· Household safety and poisonous plants
· Visits to the vet
· And more!

More fun pet games at Kids and Pet Safety

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