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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Car Sickness

Motion sickness does occur in dogs and usually occurs very shortly into a car ride. Dogs typically start drooling and then vomit. It’s important to get your dog used to car rides from a young age. Letting them sit in a car for a few minutes a day will help them to be calm and associate the car with a good experience. Once your pet is comfortable with the car, you can then gradually introduce short car rides.

If your pet is older and does not seem to be acclimatizing to the car, you can always talk to your veterinarian about motion sickness medication.

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  1. Allowing your pet to get acclimated or comfortable with your car is wise and can be beneficial. However, please don't make the mistake of leaving the car door open so your pets can jump in the car without you being there or making this part of a training process.

    Our friends lost their beautiful and extraordinary Lab (Allie) this summer from the heat and someone accidently closing the door of the car, not knowing the dog was in there. It can become a tragic habit, with results like Allie that I would not like to see anyone go through or experience.