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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Why do my dog’s teeth chatter?

Teeth chattering is not all that uncommon and it is often an indication of excitement or nervousness. If your pet has been doing it all their life, it’s probably just an old habit. If your dog suddenly starts to do this, you should have its teeth checked by the veterinarian. Dog’s can start chattering if their have dental disease like swollen or bleeding gums, broken teeth, oral masses.


  1. I adopted a 'schneagle' (mini schnauzer/beagle) She is estimated to be 2years old. She has horrible B.O. Is there anything I can do that doesn't require drugs?

    thanks - Ngarcia

    1. Slightly moisten a drier sheet like "Bounce" and rub her all over with it.

  2. Hello My son had a french bulldog that had awful BO and a skin condition that he was unable to control. I told him to try castile soap (Liquid is best- just a small amount goes a long way) The peppermint is suppose to help with skin conditions. It comes in many scents and is all natural. Bathe your dog in this from now on and I hope it will help. It won't hurt.