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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Who Is Responsible for Teaching Pet Safety to Children?

Who is responsible for teaching children about how to properly interact with their pet while avoiding harm to themselves? Doctors, veterinarians, teachers and parents all play a significant role in educating children about pet safety.

Pets’ Playground: Playing Safe in a Dog-and-Cat World, a fun yet educational children’s book, was created to help veterinarians, medical doctors, teachers and parents provide children ages 4 to 9 with the necessary skills and knowledge to promote safety for both children and their pets while strengthening the human-animal bond. Pets’ Playground, written by Australian veterinarian Amanda Chin, covers topics such as dog and cat behavior, parasites, nutrition, home care, and veterinary care.

Pets' Playground teaches children about:
• Pet behavior and feelings
• Pet toys and playtime
• Healthy meals and treats for pets
• Good pet care and responsibility
• Creepy crawlies that pets and kids need to avoid
• Household safety and poisonous plants
• Visits to the vet
• And more!

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