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Friday, August 21, 2009

Causes of Dog Aggression

The conclusions of a recent study at the University of Cordoba suggest the following factors as causes of dog aggression:
• First-time ownership
• Lack of obedience training
• Spoiling the dog
• Receiving the dog as a gift
• Buying a dog on impulse
• Buying a guard dog
• Spaying female dogs
• Leaving constant supply of food
• Spending little time with the dog

Other factors such as breed, male sex, small sized dogs and the ages between 5-7 years have also been associated with a greater risk of aggression. However, this study concluded that breed had less influence.

This study should remind us of the importance of training and dog obedience and that dogs that are trained well are less likely to retain any inherent aggression.

Journal reference: Pérez-Guisado, Joaquín; Muñoz-Serrano, Andrés. Factors Linked to Dominance Aggression in Dogs. Journal of Animal and Veterinary Advances, 8(2): 336-342, 2009

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