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Friday, August 7, 2009

Ask the Vet: Pet Air Travel

Air travel for pets can always be stressful for both pets and people when traveling long distances. The best airlines to travel with as those that have specific policies for pet travel. Small pets can often be taken on board. Large animals are usually restricted to the cargo.

Safe pet travel is unrealistically flawless. Air travel consumer report provides updated information on air travel incidents here . These reports detail animal death, injury or loss per airline every month.

Doing your research on air travel and preparing in advance will help you make sure your travel is as problem-free as possible.

When traveling keep in mind:
• Airlines should be contacted in advance for their pet travel policy
• Examples of Policies: 1, 2
• Pets must be 8 weeks or older
• Pets must be healthy at time of travel
• Carry all pet documentation on board – health certificates, vaccination records
• Pets should NOT be sedated
• Label the crate well – “live animal – this side up” with contact details
• Place an old towel or toy in with the pet
• Do not feed just before a flight
• Bring water for your pet or ice cubes

Pet airways recently launched a pet specific airline. But, currently have limited destinations.

I open it up to the readers to share their specific experiences with air travel.


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