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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Perfect Grooming Tools

Good health, diet and grooming are all important in getting the perfect coat on your pet. However, grooming tools can make all the difference.

Soft-bristle brush
All purpose brush on any pet
Broad head and supple bristles

Metal Comb
Largest, stiff, sturdy tines are best for removing mats

Grooming Glove
Good alternative for pets that don’t like to be brushed

De-matting tool
Tapered metal tines at an angle to work out mats in long-haired breeds

Tangle Splitter
For use on the toughest mats

Slicker Brush
Short, metal bristles for removing loose hair and dirt

Flea Comb
Narrow tines to help extract fleas
Make sure you have a tub of soapy water to put the fleas into immediately.

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