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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Appropriate Play Tips for Children

There is estimated to be 400 million dogs in the world. Exposure to dogs is inevitable so it is important to ensure our children and pets have a positive experience.

If it is a dog you know and you have been given permission from an adult to approach the dog, here are some tips:
• Be Gentle: Gently stroke the pet on the chest and shoulders: avoid the neck, face, feet and tail.
• Approach Slowly: Move slowly around a pet.
• Be quiet and confident around the dog.
• Do not approach a dog when it is eating or sleeping.


  1. And most important of all: teach a child to NEVER approach a dog they don't know!

  2. My 3 y.o. stepson is crazy afraid of dogs. If a dog gets within a certain radius he starts freaking out, crying and is paralyzed until the dog goes away. What can I do to get him over this fear?

  3. Anon, socialization is key. Have your stepson spend time with dogs you know and, especially with kids who are not afraid.

    Make sure that YOU are not afraid of dogs. If you are, ask a friend who is not afraid to help.

    Children his age learn by example.

    Don't spend a lot of time trying calm the child. That might increase his anxiety. Just let him see other people having fun with a dog and let him come to it on his own.

    Send me an email at info at thedoggylamaspeaks if you have more questions.